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What's in "the WALL" for Truck Dealers - Part I

DATE: Jan 23, 2014

As a truck dealer or hauler, my research suggests you are dealing with these and more:

  • Website: is your functionality really getting the job done?
  • Reputation management: is your solution getting you rated well on the net?
  • Accessibility to consumer: do you have access to your customer and he to you?
  • Inventory presentation: are your trucks displayed well? Are they enticing?
  • Historical repair access: would easier access help you? How about compliance?
  • Selling your used trucks: do you maximize your gross and margin? Are all available buyers aware with your current approach?

According to my friends at Gratis Solutions, their truckWALL solution helps by:

  • Delivering a robust suite of services not generally adopted within trucking
  • Adding value by giving history and enabling the customer to communicate back "EASILY"
  • Ensuring delivery is done thru one low cost tool
  • Providing inventory listings, aiding in used truck sales by exposing your unit to more buyers