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What’s in "the WALL" for Cycle Dealers - Part I

DATE: Jan 21, 2014

So as Motorsport and Cycle Dealers, You are Navigating:

  • Website: is functionality everything you need and want it to be?
  • CRM: do you really have the tools you need to maximize business?
  • Share of wallet: does your current technology get you there?
  • Customer knowledge: do you know enough? Do they want to come back? How do you communicate with them? Are you accessible enough?

Is there a solution to look at? I think so. The cycleWALL Solution is to:

  • Enable stores to capitalize on highly engaged "affinity" consumer
  • Deliver robust suite of services not generally adopted within cycle stores
  • Add value by enabling the customer to communicate back "EASILY"
  • Ensure delivery is done thru one low cost tool