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From Our Founder:

Social CRM Benefits Management

January 23, 2012

1.       Management can have the pulse of the customer and employees by knowing what communication is transpiring.  Every message posted on the Autowall is saved for ever.  In this way if promises are made that are not correct or accurate, the dealership has a copy and inversely if information is posted that the client took in a wrong way that record also exists.  But most importantly, communication with the client is far easier.  It is no longer necessary to have complex emails sent to the customer.  Specials are posted on the Wall and customers see it and take advantage by just logging into the Wall.  Each and every time a change is made to the specials, an email can be sent to remind customers of a new offer.  This can be automated or triggered by the user.

2.      Dealership management can also post content of interest for the customers on the wall.  As an example is dealership newsletters which are usually printed and mailed or emailed to the customer to be discarded once the client received and hopefully read.   Using the Autowall, the dealership can post newsletter without deleting the previous, thereby allowing the customer user to read old and new newsletters or any other content of choice.  All content can also be organized by the high end user, manger or Admin to reflect what the article pertains.  Thereby making the choice of an article easier for the customer.  The categories could be such as “Safety”, or “Newsletters” or “Recipes” or any other category of choice and content can be added for perpetuity or deleted per choice.  Also, this feature assists the Autowall to gain higher SEO rating as relevant content is truly what affects the SEO and the more content the better.

3.       Direct and quick communication, with those who you need to target.  Supposedly you have a great offer for a specific customer or a group of customers.  You can directly post messages in mass or individually on the vehicle profile of your customer and anytime you post a message an email is sent to that customer or employee about the comment, offer or anything else.

4.      Another tremendous way to use the Wall is to post receipts for your customers on their profile wall.  This cuts down or paper printing, ties your customer more to the wall and is a true service to your customer.  Of course all kinds of appointments are also posted on the Wall for the customer or anyone else.

5.      Internal usage of the Wall is also of tremendous value.  Management can post messages for a specific employee or for many, calling meetings, making announcements and anything else they choose.

6.        Widgets allow the dealership to gain knowledge of customer interests.  By posting widgets or Apps of interest and then receiving click results, the dealership can gauge customer trends and interests.   

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