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From Our Founder:

Social CRM and Why It Works

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Social CRM and why it works!

The word CRM brings a warm and fuzzy feeling that we are doing something for our customers.  We enter our customers contact in the CRM, we send them lots of emails and we call them when we want and we are sure that our customers must be happy.  If you were to count the number of “we’s” in that sentence alone, you will realize the fallacy of the premise it alludes to.  When reading that sentence who comes in focus as the most important and focused actor?  The customer or “WE” the dealer?  Many years ago I was told as a CEO that when you interview a prospective employee, listen to how many times he uses the word “I”?  Large numbers of the usage of that one letter word, as a rule, indicates a person who is very self focused and not a team player.

Are we as dealers, using the conventional tools we have at hand, really focusing on the customer’s needs?  Or are we again only focusing on “our needs” which is to sell cars? What is unfortunate is that unless we start really focusing and listening to our customers and installing tools that really affects them we will sell fewer and fewer cars and lose our valued clients to the other guy who has solved the mystery.

The mystery is not so tough to crack; all you need to do is start listening to your customer and install tools that open the lines of communication so you can easily communicate both ways.  AutoWall the newest form of Social CRM does just that.  You can do all you did with your CRM here, but you can do far more than you ever did before for your customer and hence retain them.  In this CRM, the customer and the dealership “people” are all just simple members of a community.  These members have one thing in common and that is their relationship to the dealership.  Through this product they can communicate via post and get notifications that a post is awaiting exactly such as other social networking sites.  Except AutoWall is not “social” and the members if they are not dealership employees, cannot communicate with one another but only with the employees who have served them.

So, if you want to know more about this revolution and if you want to join the “revolutionaries” that have dropped their bondages to conventional CRM, then contact us and see what you are missing.

We even give you an outstanding powerful CRM for only out of pocket charges with AutoWall!

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