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From Our Founder:

1This is a Time for Change
2Generation Y and Social CRM
3Customers Benefit From Social CRM
4Dealerships Benefit From Social CRM
5Management Benefits From Social CRM
6Benefits of Social CRM to Salesman
7Benefits of Social CRM to Service Advisor
8Case For CRM
9Social CRM and Why It Works
10The Reason For System Failure
11One way Communication Is Not Communicating
12Java Scripts and Privacy
13A Non-Responsive Website Is Costing You Money

Informational Videos:

1Ground digital expenses and skyrocket digital sales
2Maximize your ROI from your E-Com Efforts
3Brian Pasch of PCG Consulting Interviews Saphura Long about autoWALL® at NADA 2014 in New Orleans
4Digital Dealer 14 Presentation – Orlando FL
5The autoWALL Workshop Introduction
6Putting the Customer Back in CRM
7"The autoWALL"
8The Missing Dialogue, (V1)
9The Missing Dialogue, (V2)