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From Our Founder:

Dealerships Benefits From Social CRM

So, in the last Blog we discussed the benefits of the Autowall to the dealership customer.  In this Blog we will discuss the benefits to the dealership.  First and foremost the dealership can communicate easily and seamlessly with their customer base directly.  If they want the customer to see a special they do not have to email that customer they can just post that special on the wall for all to see or post it on specific profiles.  No more sending extensive emails that get lost in the great World Wide Web and no one is sure if they are ever received or even seen.   The Autowall is an application where the movement of the customer on the Wall is measurable and visible.  Hence the dealer now can tell which advertisement is receiving more attention.  Or which widgets tend to receive more clicks and therefore the dealer can measure customer trends and gain knowledge of customer interests and then tailor further advertising to match the interest.

Dealership data is also tremendously valuable, and few dealers know how to receive revenue from the valuable data base of their constituents.  The concept of “Adds-On” dealer has been born to address this tremendous revenue generating opportunity.  Here the dealership allows other service providers or retailers to post advertisements on his Wall, which is visible to his constituent customers and employees.  For this great opportunity afforded that retailer the dealer can and should charge a fee.  The revenue generated from this opportunity can easily offset the usage costs of the AutoWall and provide a nice stream of revenue.  For a change here the dealer makes money as he uses a service rather than always paying for that service.

Lastly, most web sites designed for a dealership are static boring and never changing.  Although the dealership pays monthly for these sites they are always the same.  The web site of a dealership is their presence on the World Wide Web and many customers walk into those “doors” far before they do the physical dealership without anyone having any knowledge of such and just as many are turned away by the  not useful difficult to maneuver web sites.  The question I would like to ask is what is the rule when a customer walks into your dealership?  Do you just allow him to roam around your dealership unattended?  Try and find a car he likes by himself?  And if he did not succeed do you just let him walk away unnoticed?  If the answer to all of above is NO, then why are you letting this go on in your virtual dealership?

The Autowall, lets you know who came on site, where they went, what they looked at and what was of interest to them.  Would you not like to gain this knowledge, while you are also making money from your hard earned customer base just by their presence on the Wall?

Another great advantage of the Autowall is its ability to store content.  This content is not only relevant information for the customer on product safety, product use and other pertinent information, but also moves the Autowall higher and higher in the search engine optimization.  The search engine crawlers of today are highly sensitive to words packed together just so that the site is elevated in the search results.  However, true relevant content is the best and most effective way of promoting your presence on the World Wide Web.

Can you afford to be without this tool?  

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