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From Our Founder:

Customers Benefits From Social CRM

This series will discuss what’s in it for each and every constituent using the AutoWall.  The sign of a successful tool is one that every constituent benefits by using it.  The most important user of any business is their customer base.  We business holders have and should first and foremost focus on services and tools that benefit our clients.  The constituent who benefits most from the usage of the AutoWall is the customer.  How is that?  That is what this blog aims to address.  When communicating with clients as to one of the most aggravating issues when contacting their service provider be it an auto dealer or any other, most indicate finding and communicating with the right person within the company who can address their concern easily and in a timely manner is the number one issue.  Some, of the most successful and funniest advertisements have to do with customer treatment when calling a company and trying to communicate with someone within the company.  The customer could email someone at the dealership, but who is that person and when will they respond if the request is urgent?  They can call the dealership but usually after a lengthy wait they end up leaving a message which will end in a pile and usually goes unanswered.

So, the customer wants to communicate with their favorite salesman and they do not remember who that guy was?  What do they do, call the dealership and ask who?   And where does that call go.  How about service advisors?  Who was the guy they liked so well?  How do you find again who that person was? And most importantly, if a service was performed on the customer’s car what was the nature of that reapir, how long ago was that?  What is the next service?  Supposing a customer just had their car serviced and he is driving the car and the car again has similar problems, how does the customer know exactly what was the service performed, what they paid for and what is their recourse if the service done did not address the need.

The Autowall addresses exactly the problems portrayed here.  The Autowall is a community networking tool for the auto industry through which the whole community can communicate with one another.  Who is the community?  All employees of the dealership, all prospects and all customers who have had any transactions with the company are members of the community.  They each have their own profile.  However, unlike the profiles of most familiar social networking tools that have to do with a “personal” profile, this is more about the vehicular profile.  Meaning every member of the community has their vehicle list.  This includes employees as in many cases they are also customers as well.   This “profile” is only visible by those with “rights and privileges” to see it.  No customer has a right to access the profile of another.  All company members can access those customers to whom they are assigned.  Which means the salesman can access “his own” customers the service advisors the same, but if this is a group dealership each dealership manger can access his own customers, but only “group mangers” can access all.  On each profile, a user can load their own picture with a minimal description of themselves.  But each user has a list of their won vehicles and all the repairs done to that vehicle in chronological order.  Each user also has his own list of appointments and their “wish list” of any car they would like to have if that vehicle type entered the inventory.  Needless to say total access to inventory is available to all.

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