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Death to the Black Box

Dec 26, 2013

Good afternoon, guys! After a belly-stuffing day of food at the farm yesterday (yes, I got my Ho Ho Ho from the Bottle of Rum I poured into my eggnog! – can you say Captain Morgan?), I thought I'd write a bit today about my very busy day at the farm.

My "person" Paul took me home yesterday. Not sure why they had all of this colorful stuff around the house with lots of lights, but they seemed to all be very happy about tearing paper. Personally, I'm not sure I get the paper part of it (though "tearing", I can do!).

I wanted to let them know that tearing stuff is actually a lot of fun and that we could do this more regularly than once a year, but instead, I decided to let the humans have their childish enjoyments and took a nap as usual! Until the strange black box in Paul's hand starting buzzing and making strange noises like it does all day and night. I stay away from the dumb thing as he got really mad the last time when I decided to teach it a lesson for waking me up from a nap by chewing it up to pieces, but we sure at least had a peaceful night.

What I want to know is why they like to talk to this stupid box when they have a perfectly fine and highly intelligent friend in front of them?!?!

You know the cute one in the house does the same thing and has a black box, why all their friends need their own too, I'll never understand.

So, what I am wondering is so special about these black boxes that they are always toting around or have to their ear or are staring at? Is it the color black or the fact that they are thin?

I know that I can make as much (or MORE) noise than it does, and I guess I could roll in the dirt some and look black, but let me tell you getting thin is out of the question (especially with egg nog!). Black Box? Nah, not for me! Keep it in a cockpit, or in the car. The Black Box is dead to me!

Yours as Always, Good Selling!

The Digital Dog

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