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Advanta-STAR Endorses autoWALL



Dear Client,

Thank you for you loyal support of Advanta-STAR! It has been our pleasure to work with you and your associates over the years in providing unparalleled comprehensive competitive comparisons that has led to increased sales volume and gross profits. 

We’ve recently partnered with another outstanding company, Gratis Solutions.

Gratis Solutions also provides unparalleled connectivity with your customers through their autoWALL system.  Founded by Ms. Saphura Long, another loyal Advanta-STAR client, autoWall harnesses the power of social media, the connectivity of the web, the data-driven sophistication of CRM, the simplicity of email and the personalization of a private conversation.  This tool single handedly can improve the results of all your e-commerce marketing effort like no other available to you today. 

autoWALL was recently designated by Infiniti as a Certified Retailer Website provider, and was certified by MBUSA as the First Customer Interactive Community Tool or “Social CRM” for lead delivery to their Mercedes-Benz dealers, just to name a few accolades received.

I’d like to invite you to please listen to a short demonstration of autoWALL at your convenience.  Simply go to the www.gratistech.com website and hit the “Request A Demo” link button on the upper left corner of the home page.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration of autoWALL.  Once you get a chance to review its unique features, I’m certain that you’ll want to have it available for your staff and customers alike.


Michael Champagne
Vice-President of Sales and Marketing,
Advanta-STAR Automotive Research

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Industry Engagements

  • Guest Speaker
  • Topic: "Generating Revenue From Your Current Customer Database" Digital Dealer 14
  • Certified Dealer Website Provider
  • Infiniti Nissan North America
  • Certified Dealer Website Provider
  • Nissan Nissan North America
  • Lead Delivery / Dealer CRM Tool Certification
  • Acura, Honda, & Mercedes-Benz
  • Innovation Award Recipient
  • Digital Dealer 13
  • Guest Speaker
  • Topic: "Social CRM" Digital Dealer 13