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autoWALL® is honored to announce a great deal of interest toward this functionality from automotive constituents. It is simple, it lets your customer know when service is complete, allows them to pay on line. The system then alerts the accounting and service department and provides the customer with a receipt on their mobile device. No more waiting in cashier or advisor line at closing time. Car is ready and bill is paid, life is made easy for all.

We are one of the few "Certified CRM" providers with Nissan Infiniti

It is an honor to announce that the Gratis CRM/autoWALL has been approved and certified as a CRM provider to Nissan and Infiniti dealers. GratisCRM/autoWALL provides a complete suite of tools that totally address the needs of a dealership in e-commerce arena. These tools encompass, CRM, website, SEO, SEM, Reputation management, Digital Service Drive and organic lead generation. Needless to say autoWALL is also a certified website provider to this prestigious OEM. We welcome all Nissan dealers to these tools and assure optimum success in their usage. Please click here in order to contact us to receive a 25% reduction in cost coupon for any and all our services for all Nissan Infiniti dealers.




The autoWALL® delivers:

Visitors + 82% Repair Orders + 29% Leads + 30% Vehicle Sales + 21%

autoWALL®, cycleWALL, & truckWALL are the only interactive customer community websites with owner messaging platforms built in specifically for automotive dealers.

They are:
  • Simple and secure.
  • Online personalized marketing platforms to market and help sell cars, service, and parts.
  • Proactive at managing your online reputation - giving you more influence and control online than ever before.
The results are there: visitors, leads, sales, repair orders, engagement, loyalty, and online reputation rating all go up. Whether by complimenting existing sites as a key part of your loyalty & search result domination strategy, or serving as your comprehensive organic digital destination, our solutions help.

No one. Absolutely no one. Can beat the Owner Marketing, Engagement Capability, Proactive Reputation Management, and Loyalty Creation of autoWALL®.

So harness the power of social media, digital, CRM-style data, and existing customers. Play to your strengths. And maximize your overall ROI.

You're ready to begin. So click here.



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